Foot in the Door

Hello all. 🙂 If you have come to this blog, you are likely to be dreadfully disappointed, as it has only just begun and currently has nothing to do with much of anything; TRUTHFULLY, at this moment, it rightly has more to do with Alexandre Dumas than anything, given the quote. ^^;; Even MORE frustrating for you (since, more than likely, you came to learn about hacking) is that I knew much less than I wanted to about hacking 5 years ago and now (due to random bout of lazy behavior)  know even less. That being the case, I apologize in advanced for how little I have to contribute to actual hacking technique at the moment, but promise to continually document some of the cooler things I find out as time goes on. 🙂 SO! Until then, you can count on plenty of randomness about music, programming, linux, literature, anime, tech and photography. And I’m always open to just simply finding new friends. ^//^

I hope to talk to you all soon; not just about hacking, but about everything under the sun. ^///~ Feel free to IM, email and pm me. (The information should be in my profile..)


I thought that this was a great find. ^//^ It covers so many areas of bash that are overlooked and I never even knew those article existed. I highly encourage you guys to have a look at some of the tutorials!
~ja ne :3


At work i use advanced bash scripts in some projects. I thought i was quiet good, but then i found these tutorials written by Daniel Robbins (Creator of Gentoo linux and it’s famous package maintenance system Portage). It was the next big step in learning bash, after reading these Tutorials i had a lot of ideas how to improve my existing scripts and also our internal build system.

If you want to get pro in bash scripting, it’s a must read!

Bash by example, Part 1
Bash by example, Part 2
Bash by example, Part 3

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Printable Guns? Freakin fuck….

Alright.. so, this is so horrific and brilliant, I’m terrified.

I don’t want to go crazy on this or get too far into the polatics of this, but I can say this much.. I support the right to bare arms.. I just don’t want 12 year olds printing light weight guns and then having their younger brothers and sisters thinking their toys because they are 90% plastic. To put it simply, I could have printed one out when I was 12 and kids today are even better with computers.

I wish I could tell you where I think things are heading based off of this, but this is just too much for me to see an outcome. I have no clue….

1900 words in on a post and still going strong.

Sweet hell my friends. I have been writing my first substantial blog post and it is quite the journey. x3 I’m getting closer to the end of the writing, but it is certainly more than I had thought it would be.. regardless, I think that it will be incredibly useful and fun to all you fun linux people(Pssst! It’s about bash.. :D) I’m betting that it will be a first time deal for the majority of you too, so look out for it some time tonight or tomorrow! And Merry Christmas people. ^////^